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Heat Pump Repair Technicians For Reston, VA

It’s important to have a functional heat pump throughout the year because it keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If it’s time for you to get heat pump maintenance services, the technicians at Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. are available to serve homes across the Reston, VA area. Staying on top of regular cleanings can help prolong the life of your appliance and help you avoid the costs of repairs later on. However, every heat pump is going to experience some form of wear as the years go on. When this happens, our licensed and insured heat pump technicians can repair or replace any defective parts. Allow your appliance to regulate your home’s air by reaching out to our team for heat pump services.

Dependable Heat Pump Repair Services

When a heat pump begins to malfunction, you’ll usually notice some common signs. If it short cycles, stops regulating temperature, or makes a lot of noise, then you may want to speak with a heat pump technician. We can inspect the unit and provide the necessary heat pump maintenance services you need to keep it working properly for many more years. Getting a professional evaluation is especially important for older appliances that require more electricity when they’re not working at their best.

We provide heat pump repair services for Reston, VA homes that include:

  • Replace filters
  • Remove dirt and other obstructions from ducts, coils, and blower
  • Make sure there is adequate airflow
  • Inspect for duct leakage
  • Stop refrigerant leaks
  • Adjust refrigerant charge
  • Clean and tighten connections and apply non-conductive coating
  • Inspect electric terminals
  • Correct electric control
  • Lubricate motors and inspect belts for tightness or wear
  • Verify thermostat sensors are working properly
  • Inspect heat pump condensing unit

Effective Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Getting your heat pump inspected and cleaned on a regular basis will help it stay in good condition for a long time. Keep a comfortable home in Reston, VA by maintaining regulated temperatures with the right heat pump maintenance services from Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. Just by replacing your filter every so often, you can help your heat pump better circulate air while catching contaminants. Otherwise, you have a clogged air filter that bogs down the airflow and requires more electricity to get the same output.

These are some of the heat pump services we offer:

  • Remove foliage from growing around the outdoor unit
  • Check for snow or ice buildup restricting air flow
  • Ensure heat pump isn’t below leaking gutter, or else it could freeze
  • Elevate heat pump 4 to 8 inches to allow for proper drainage
  • Keep the vent-like registers open
  • Clean outdoor coils
  • Clean or change your filters once a month, or as needed

Schedule An Appointment Today

Get comprehensive heat pump maintenance whenever you need it from Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. We’re trained and experienced technicians who can help you take care of your unit, so it’ll serve you well for many years to come. If you live in the Reston, VA area, contact our staff today at (703) 430-3300 to request a quote on heat pump repair services.

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