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Heat pumps are highly efficient machines that are used to warm and sometimes cool a space. One main benefit to a heat pump is that it consumes a lot less energy than conventional electrical heaters, and they don’t produce as much greenhouse gas as a furnace that burns natural gas does. A lot of people depend on their heat pumps in Herndon, VA and that’s why it’s important to keep them in working condition. Luckily, Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. is available to help if your heat pump has stopped working.

Preventative heat pump services can help keep your unit working for longer periods of time. However, when it runs for a long time, you’ll need to get it checked out by a professional. Our licensed and insured technicians are highly trained to do various types of heat pump services, which includes diagnoses, repairs, and installations. We’ll get some air regulation in your home again. You can look to our team for the best heat pump services in Herndon, VA and this includes urgent repairs and installations.

Do I Need Heat Pump Repairs?

There are some things you can make yourself aware of when it comes to performance issues with your heat pump. Some of the things you can look out for include strange noises, short cycles, or that your heat pump isn’t regulating the temperature as well as it was before. It’s essential to get a heat pump diagnosis if your heat pump is an older model, because these are more prone to issues. If you realize your utility bills are higher than they used to be, it might be time to contact a professional technician to perform a heat pump diagnosis.

These are the heat pump repair services we offer in the Herndon, VA area:

  • Remove dirt and other obstructions from ducts, coils, and the blower
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect for duct leakage
  • Make sure there is adequate airflow
  • Adjust refrigerant charge
  • Stop refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect electric terminals
  • Clean and tighten connections, and apply non-conductive coating
  • Lubricate motors and inspect belts for tightness or wear
  • Correct electric control
  • Inspect heat pump condensing unit
  • Verify thermostat sensors are working properly

You can count on the professionals at Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. to provide you with a quality heat pump diagnosis and to resolve the issues you’re having.

Get a Heat Pump Diagnosis From a Professional

Getting the correct heat pump maintenance services is essential if you want to avoid any extensive issues down the road. Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. offers heat pump services that will ensure your heat pump is running proficiently and keeping the proper air regulation all season long. One easy, important thing you can do is replace the filter on a consistent basis, because this is what allows the air to circulate and block contaminants. When the air filter gets clogged, your heat pump will work a lot harder to maintain a constant temperature, and this will put a spike in your utility bill.

Our heat pump services for routine maintenance include:

  • Checking for snow or ice buildup restricting air flow
  • Removing foliage from growing around the outdoor unit
  • Elevating the heat pump 4 to 8 inches to allow for proper drainage
  • Ensuring the heat pump isn’t below leaking gutter, or else it could freeze
  • Cleaning or changing your filters once a month, or as needed
  • Keeping the vent-like registers open
  • Cleaning outdoor coils

    Get in Touch With Our Experts for Heat Pump Services

    If you’re noticing any issues with your system, then it’s time to get a routine heat pump diagnosis and heat pump services from the professional technicians at Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. Our team can help you maintain your heat pump so that it performs well for a longer period of time. Whether we’re replacing filters, cleaning, or checking other issues, you can truly depend on our expert technicians.

    If your heat pump is undergoing more serious problems, you can rest assured that our staff has the expertise to provide you with the heat pump services you need. Get in touch with Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. at 703-430-3300 to book an appointment for heat pump services in Herndon, VA.

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