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When your heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) system is acting up, reach out to our AC repair company right away. Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. in Leesburg, VA, is your best option for expert air conditioning services. Your HVAC system is a main feature in your property, and when it’s damaged or running inadequately, it’s important to have an expert look at it. When it isn’t performing effectively, it’s more expensive to run it than it is to repair it. Avoid the expense of higher bills down the road and let us handle your air conditioner repairs.

A properly running HVAC system makes your home comfortable year-round. When the weather is warm outside and you’re trying to keep the temperatures down in your house, then using your inadequate system drains energy and money. Stop pushing your HVAC to work beyond its capabilities and get an AC maintenance technician from Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. to assist you.

First-Rate HVAC Services | The Johnson’s Polar Air Inc. Approach

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Alongside our high-quality AC repair services, what separates our team from everyone else in the Leesburg, VA area is our dedication to our customers. We’ll repair or install your HVAC with quality workmanship, and we perform our services with your best interest in mind. At Johnson’s Polar Air Inc., we provide affordable rates for our work and deliver on complete customer satisfaction. Our staff handles it all and our primary goal is to give every customer in the Leesburg, VA area an excellent experience. With every AC repair job we handle, our service specialists take a friendly and productive approach. We understand how critical it is for our customers to have someone they can truly count on to provide the services they need.

How Often You Get AC Maintenance?

Air conditioners are highly sturdy machines. Nonetheless, throughout the years they can break down or some of the components can stop functioning. There are some indicators you can be aware of to determine if you need expert AC repair services. Some of the common ones consist of:

  • Restrained airflow: In the warmer part of the year, it’s easy to know if your house is heating up and not cooling down. This is quite common with a lot of AC units and it might be from a damaged compressor. Or, there is blockage in your ducts and they’re preventing any cold air from coming into your home.
  • You hear strange noises coming from the unit itself: It’s crucial to know how your AC operates, and this includes understanding what your AC unit sounds like when it’s functioning properly. How is this critical? Simply, if you know what sounds like when it’s functioning properly, you’re keener to any bizarre noises that could occur when your unit is defective. Scratching, scraping, or screeching are common noises that come from a damaged AC unit. When you notice any of these sounds, then you need to contact an expert AC repair technician.
  • Foul odors: It’s possible for mold and mildew to grow inside your air conditioner, so be aware of any moldy smell coming into your home. Another issue with smells is when your AC unit’s wire insulation burns.
  • Moisture accumulation: A refrigerant leak or a damaged condensation line could lead to moisture accumulation around your machine.

Call Our Dependable AC Repair Contractors

At Johnson’s Polar Air Inc., our expert air conditioner repair contractors will be able to make your property comfortable again. If you’re experiencing challenges with your HVAC, we can fix the problem you’re having at an affordable price. Give us a call today at (703) 430-3300 for an estimate on air conditioning services.

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